Supercharge Your Sales Org: Double the Impact Payroll -50% Top Quality Resources

Providing you with top notch sales talent, be it SDRs or Account Executives with complete HR and Legal Support all for 50% less the cost of a local resource. 

Complete HR Support

We handle all aspects of HR for you be it benefits, engagement, operations, etc for the resources we've placed.

Full HR Support

Do not fret about benefits cost or setting up an ops team, we're here to provide complete HR support for the employees hired through us. 

Fixed Monthly Payment

No commissions, no bonuses, only pay a fixed monthly fee with no setup costs.  

Fixed Monthly Payment

A sweet and simple payment structure is what we follow with commissions and bonuses on us.

Complete Legal Support

We go the extra mile to ensure complete legal protection of your brand and data.

Complete Legal Support

We ensure all necessary steps are taken to free you from any legal worries such as contracts, data protection, etc.  

Hire Fast, Scale Faster

Our experienced resources hit the ground running and boost your business right off the bat.

Hire Fast, Scale Faster

The prices and the resource quality we offer allow you to onboard more qualified sellers, improving sales numbers while decreasing payroll cost. 

What We're About

Double your sales team without extra costs! We provide top-quality Sales Development Reps and Account Executives, manage their HR/legal matters, and guarantee 20 pre-screened profiles in 2 weeks or $1000 off your first hire. We handle commissions, offer hiring best practices, and ensure they hit quotas. Better talent, lower costs, and full support – sound fair enough?

What Our Clients Experience

Our goals are tied to yours and we love it. Our clients get amazing results!

Pipeline Growth
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Sales Cycle Length
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Time to Hire
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Hiring Process

How It Works


You share your requirements, number of resources needed, and ideal start date, and we get to work.

Interview Process

We start sending pre-screened and pre-vetted candidates your way within 48 hours of signing up and leave it to you to decide whom you want to hire.


We hire the resource on your behalf and set them up to contribute to your company's success from day one.

Weekly Syncs

We set up a quick weekly sync to ensure we're meeting expectations and to assist with anything relevant to the resource we've provided.

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